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Tracking your ad performance on a bunch of different platforms can feel like you’re playing a whack-a-mole and the rules keep changing. (“Wait, did we just make $1,000, or lose it?”)
And when data is scattered across tools, emails, and PDFs, building helpful reports and gaining actionable insights seems impossible.
If only there were an easy-setup solution that could automate the whole process and tell you exactly what you’re doing right.
Introducing Adriel.

About Adriel :
– Centralize and visualize your paid digital advertising data on a single dashboard
– Automate real-time data aggregation, stitching, and reporting, and get automatic performance alerts instead of data mining
– Best for: Advertisers and agencies that want to manage and scale their paid digital marketing at maximum efficiency

If you don’t know how to use it, collecting data is about as useful as collecting stamps. (“Oh look, it’s another red cardinal. Neat.”)
Adriel automates your data compiling and reporting, plus gives you actionable insights into your paid marketing data, so you can improve your campaigns.
Maximize your paid advertising with data you can actually trust.
Get lifetime access to Adriel today!

Get lifetime access to Adriel today!